Privacy Policy

Last update: July 19th. 2017.

This Privacy Policy gives you the information on how we collect, store and process data. In general we distinguish between personal and non-personal information. We do not sell or let any other third parties use your data. Please find the information on how we might process it below.

The usage of personal data

When you send an email to the 10X Planner Support, we keep the record of our communication. This includes your email, name and the conversation history. This is the only personal information, we collect, and it helps us develop, deliver, protect and improve our products, services, content and customer communication.

The usage of non-personal data

Non-personal information is anonymous data with which you cannot uniquely identify a specific individual. This includes the following information: device information like manufacturer, Android version, launcher, etc. information about the application crashes coarse location of your device to provide weather information We may collect, store and use non-personal information. We may also combine personal and non-personal information for sending support feedback purposes. The collection of the non-personal data serves the purposes of the continous improvement of the application. This includes the enhanced performance and the development of the new features.

Use of other services

10X Planner uses the Google Calendar API and Google Tasks API to sync with Google Calendar. You can find their privacy policy here: 10X Planner uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage data to improve the app and to understand how it is used. It is used in accordance to their privacy policy ( We provide a setting to deactivate the service. 10X Planner uses Fabric to collect anonymous usage data to improve the app, to understand how it is used and to find out where problems occur. It is used in accordance to their privacy policy ( Our Privacy Policy may be altered in time. Should the policy change, we will post the information on this page. If you have any questions, please contact